Sir Anton Memorial

In Memory of Professor Dr Sir Anton Jayasuriya

Born 20th June 1930
Prof Anton Jayasuriya

Died 6th April 2005

"If you cannot be a King, be a Healer.”

Prof Anton Healer to Millions

Healer to Many Teacher to Many

Friend to All Friend to All

This website is dedicated to the exemplary life of Professor Anton Jayasuriya of Sri Lanka. He left behind a lasting impression on his patients, students, and friends.

In his time, Professor Anton taught and inspired countless individuals, both directly and indirectly; Patients, Students, Friends, and Colleagues. His teachings have travelled far and wide. There are many today who owe their life and happiness to this great man. This page is for those who wish to tell their story of the man they knew, and how he influenced their life.

If you knew him as your doctor, as a teacher or as a friend and have some interesting stories to share with us, we would like to hear from you! Contact us

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